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Growing Your District in 2016

Announcing the Search for the New Multi-Cultural Director

The Central District is excited to announce that we are ready to search for our next Director of Multi-Cultural Ministries.

It is our passion that all people within our district are served with God's love and reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ — regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, culture or other distinctions. It is our heart to make a difference for Christ in our changing culture. Join us in prayer as we seek the person of God's choosing.

If you know of someone who would be interested in an exciting ministry serving alongside a supportive district team, we encourage you to share the job description which includes specific information as well as our multi-cultural ministry mission & vision statement to understand the kind of leader we are seeking.

Interested parties may apply by contacting the District Superintendent for additional information.

Detailed Job Description >

Ministry Mission & Vision >

Announcing the New Director for Rock River Retreat

We are pleased to announce that Rev. Casey Danley has joined the staff of the Central District as the Director of Rock River Retreat (RRR).

Casey has served as lead pastor at the EFC of both Cumming and DeWitt, Iowa. Most recently, he served as the leader of a mission organization focused on India.

Commitment to ministry coupled with Casey's deep appreciation of the outdoors, will be an exciting new chapter for both him and our ministry situated on the 100 acre campus of RRR.

Casey cares deeply for pastors and parishioners and is invested in facilitating their spiritual development. It is his desire to provide an exceptional retreat facility conducive to the spiritual development that is at the heart of the mission and values of RRR.

We encourage you to meet Casey and learn more about Rock River Retreat and how it can benefit you and your church.

Rock River Retreat Website >