Welcome to the Central District

To put it simply, we are your resource to reach the “Samaria” that often a local church can’t effectively reach. The church is charged to be on mission to reach “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world”. A local church is well placed to reach it’s city and it’s county. It may also partner with a mission organization to reach parts of the world that are far away. However, geographically considered, Samaria is like the rest of the state or a region of the country itself. In the EFCA we are the Central District that covers Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and SE South Dakota. This is impossible for any local church to reach effectively. We are working as one organization with our 135 churches on mission to reach every part of our Samaria. We are excited to serve every local church as we seek to present the gospel of Christ to our district. Join us. These pages our your resources to help not only you as a church or pastor but share the story of how we are on mission for you.