Resources for Ministry Spouses

Annual Fall Pastor and Wife Retreats

Each fall the district hosts two retreats that are events designed specifically to encourage the wives of our pastors. At each of these retreats, in addition to the opportunity to experience quality time with your husband, there is time set apart for you to build relationships with other wives. Ministry can, at times, isolate you from other relationships that truly understand what you are experiencing as a pastor’s wife. We encourage you to make it a priority, if you can, to come apart for a while and build what often can become lifelong relationships. We believe that the pastor’s wife who has other pastor’s wives as friends and has developed a healthy understanding of ministry will not only be a great asset to your husband but will be a great asset to the health of the local church they are serving.

Annual District Conference

Each year on Tuesday of the District Conference (normally the first Monday/Tuesday of March) a day is set aside for special events for the pastor’s wife. In addition to special speakers who will address issues related to ministry from a pastor’s wife perspective, there are seminars and planned opportunities to help you build relationships with other ministry wives.

Retreat House

The district has a special place designed to be a retreat for those in full time pastoral ministry. What you may not know is that this retreat is designed and available, not just for the pastor but is also intended to be used by the pastor and wife as a couple. We encourage you to take the opportunity to use this as a get-away for you and your husband. Contact Rhonda in the District Office for information on how to make a reservation.

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