Renato’s Story of Hispanic Church Planting

By Renato Jimenez, Summit EFCA Multicultural Director & Central District Hispanic Director

The world is changing and with these changes opportunities to share the gospel are all around us. We have a lot of work ahead of us as people need to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our main prayer is that God helps us to identify leaders, provide the right training as church planters, and send them out to plant new churches.

I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness. I started working at Summit church full time in 2016. I serve Jesus with the title of multicultural pastor. We worked on starting a Spanish ministry to minister to the thousands of people who speak Spanish in our community. At the same time reaching out to the different cultures from Africa and Asia that God is bringing to our community.

I can say that my main ministry in the last 3 years has been my family. When I started working at Summit church, we only had one child. He was 13 at the time. We were foster parents and we took kids into our home. Our desire was to adopt and grow our family. At first, we did not have any opportunities to adopt. We took kids into our home and we had the opportunity to minister to their families. We praise God for the way He was restoring these families. We finally gave up and agreed that we wanted to minister to the families if this is what God wanted from us. We were ready to give up on our plan for adoption, but God had a better plan.

After we made this decision, we started to receive kids who were ready to be adopted. October 2016, we welcome three little ones into the Jimenez family. Andrew, Trey Shaun, and Nyke were a gift from God and a great joy for us. God continued to give us joy by sending us two older kids. Juan and Ana came to our house and were adopted in May 2018.

We never experienced having a baby in our house. Yet, God knew the desire of our hearts. He gave us the opportunity to stay up all night for many nights when we welcomed our babies into our home. Kingston came when he was 5 months and Zara came home when she was two days old. Zara was the answer of that specific prayer, we prayed for many years. Now we have 8 kids and are blessed to serve God as a family in the ministry at the church.

In the church, I prayed for leaders. I wanted God to send me qualified people to help me in the ministry. During one of my prayers God clearly spoke to me, “if you want leaders, you have to make disciples as I made them” (Matt 4:19). I knew that it would not be an easy task, but I was ready to take the challenge. I changed my focus and I started to identify people who God was working in already and had potential. I started to recruit people to train them for the ministry.

In these last 4 years, we have successfully started 6 churches. Four in our district and two in two different countries. We trained and sent a church planter to Guadalajara Mexico, the place where I was born and raised. We also sent a church planter to Chillan, Chile. God continues to work in people’s hearts and mobilize them for church planting.

God is working in the Central District in many ways. One way that we are blessed in our district is by our Hidden Acres camp. I had the privilege to lead our Latino Family Camp since 2017. Luis Martinez started this camp and gave me the responsibility to bless All people by networking and training leaders. Last year we had 450 people attend Latino Family Camp from 10 States. We will again host Latino Family Camp August 14-16 at Hidden Acres.  We are excited to announce Luis Martinez is going to be our 2020 Latino Family Camp main speaker (Luis is pictured here).

God is at work! We are praying for two new church plants in our central district this year. We are praying for new opportunities as we identify new leaders, train them, and send them out.  At first, it was hard to find the right people to send to plant new churches. Now, we have the people ready to go, but we need financial support.

Can you join our Hispanic ministry team and celebrate what God is doing in our district with Hispanic Ministry? Please click here to donate to the Central District Hispanic church planting ministry. Dios te Bendiga! (God bless you).