Ministry License

This credential is designed specifically for those who are preparing for a permanent credential but have not yet fulfilled the requirements. It is valid as long as the holder remains in full time vocational ministry. It will be issued for three years and, thereafter, one year at a time until a permanent credential is obtained (up to two additional years).

Type 1

License Leading to Certificate of Ordination. The applicant for this ministry license must be male in gender. During the licensing period, the candidate will have all the rights and privileges of ordination. This license may be issued to those serving in pastoral ministry (seminary professors, military chaplains and missionary church planters).

Type 2

License Leading to Certificate of Christian Ministry. A ministry license may be issued to candidates who are involved in church ministry (such as associate/assistant pastor, administrative pastor, youth pastor, minister of music, pastoral counselor, women’s minister, children’s minister, etc.), institutional ministry, military chaplaincy, missionary ministry and evangelistic ministry.

The one who holds this credential will have the same rights and privileges as the one holding the Certificate of Christian Ministry. It does not carry the ordination title and does not lead to ordination (but this is not to say that the holder is excluded from pursuing the ordination track if they are otherwise qualified).

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