Certificate of Ordination

This credential is specifically for those involved in pastoral ministry. It may be issued to candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Male in gender
  • Involved in pastoral ministry (seminary professors, military chaplains, and missionary church planters are also eligible)
  • Completed a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree or its equivalent in an evangelical seminary. An exception may be made by the Board of Ministerial Standing in recognition of the candidate’s knowledge and experience.
  • Approved by an examining council
  • Demonstrated gifts in ministry to the satisfaction of the Board of Ministerial Standing

The candidate for ordination must have held a ministry license for a full licensing period of three years in the EFCA. This requirement may be waived in certain situations for military chaplains who are assured a chaplain’s appointment.

A transfer of ordination from an acceptable ordaining agency is possible, and the three-year licensure period will be waived. However, the candidate must meet the same qualifications and follow the same procedure for transfer as the individual moving from licensure to ordination.

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