Certificate of Christian Ministry

This credential is designed specifically for those involved in professional church ministries other than pastoral ministry. It may be issued to candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Involved in ministry, for example:
    • associate or assistant pastor
    • administrative pastor
    • youth pastor
    • minister of music
    • pastoral counselor
    • women’s minister
    • children’s minister
    • institutional minister
    • military chaplain
    • missionary ministry
    • evangelistic ministry
  • Completed an appropriate degree for thier area of ministry from a recognized college or seminary. An exeption may be made by the Board of Ministerial Standing in recognition of the candidate’s knowledge and experience.
  • Completed the requirements of a ministerial license
  • Approved by an examining council
  • Demonstrated gifts in ministry to the satisfaction of the Board of Ministerial Standing

The candidate must have held a ministry license for a full licensing period of three years in the EFCA.

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