Opportunities: What are Your Enabling Factors?

Inventory the opportunities and resources within your church and community

A – Resources in your church or community (people, skills, money, time, etc)

  • Who has a vision for Hispanic outreach or ministry? Who is praying about it?
    • Start a pray-and-plan team to brainstorm about ministry opportunities.
    • Ask your pastor and elders and other church leaders to pray with you.
  • Who has God brought to your church who can speak Spanish or teach English?
    • Will they teach some key Spanish phrases to others in your church?
    • Could they or others help teach English as a second language?
  • Who has experience in cross-cultural ministry? How can they help?
    • Find out what skills or resources they can provide.
    • Follow up on other contacts they recommend.
  • What specific resources are available or can be obtained? How & when?
    • Make a list of your resource assets. Pray about how to use them. People: Skills: Facilities: Money: Other:

B – Needs of Hispanic people in your area (physical, spiritual, etc)

  • Organizations, agencies or churches working with Hispanics.
    • Find out who is doing what, and why, and how it is working!
  • Observations of people in your church, community, schools, and elsewhere.
    • Get as many perspectives as possible to understand the needs!
  • Opportunities that your church could uniquely or quickly address.
    • Make a list of specific needs that your church could meet soon!
    • Practical needs (housing, food, clothing, language, etc)
    • Spiritual needs (prayer, counseling, parenting, marriage, etc)

C – Data & information about Hispanic people and needs (statistics, surveys)

  • Job prospects and projections www.iowaworkforce.org/
    • Whats the job outlook for Hispanics in your area?
    • How are Hispanic businesses growing in your area?
    • What is the Hispanic income level, and need for assistance?
    • What can you learn from area Spanish-language newspapers or radio?
  • School enrollment information www.iowa.gov/educate/ & http://nces.ed.gov/
    • How are your area schools changing? www.iowa.gov/educate/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=346&Itemid=299
  • Population growth and outlook http://data.iowadatacenter.org)
    • How will the Hispanic population of your city or county grow?
    • What other census or survey data can you reference? http://www.seta.iastate.edu/
    • Hispanic population http://data.iowadatacenter.org/datatables/CountyAll/coracehispanic20002005.pdf
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