Focused On Healthy Churches

A Simple Vision of Church Health

While the church health terminology is more recent, the essence of church health is tied to the enduring, biblical picture of fruitfulness. Is your life and your church productive or fruitful? There is a subtle but important difference. The Central District’s commitment to health is built on a few, simple convictions:

First, the health of a local church rarely exceeds the spiritual health of its leaders, especially its pastor(s). That is why the spiritual vitality of leaders is so crucial. If I’m an adversary of the local church, the most strategic and expedient place to strike is its leadership.

Second, sustained fruitfulness in the local church is tethered to its effectiveness in multiplying intimate, fruit bearing followers of Jesus Christ. The church needs to reprioritize and increase its effectiveness in making disciples.

Third, spiritual leadership is absolutely essential to a local church. Spiritual leaders define “normal” and provide vision for those seeking to follow Jesus. Despite thousands of books and hundreds of seminars, why is the existence and multiplication of spiritual leadership so illusive?

Fourth, the local church needs to find its voice and place in a changing world. We need to recover our unique contribution to the mission of Jesus. If we remain committed to the strategy of trying to get our communities to check out our church instead taking the gospel of Jesus—both spoken and incarnated—to people around us, complete irrelevance isn’t far off.

EFCA Central’s ministry of church health is designed to come alongside you in role of spiritual friend, coach, equipper, or consultant. Check out what we have to have offer. We are here to serve you!

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