The Coming Revolution in Church Economics

Online Webinar

The meeting was held on Tuesday, March 31 at 10:15 AM Central.

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A Collaborative All People Webinar
Pastor Mark DeYmaz

In Acts 11:18, we discover that the Church at Antioch brought down walls that divided people of many different cultures. How do we, as followers of Christ, build bridges of hope among “All People” during the Coronavirus pandemic when our culture is building walls?

The All People Ministry of the Central District EFCA together with the Midwest District EFCA are collaborating on Tuesday, March 31, to offer a Webinar by Mark DeYmaz to encourage creative economic capacity building in our communities as a strategic plan for outreach to All People.

While pastors in the moment are scrambling to provide content and connection online, too few are preparing for what potentially lies ahead: How can we shepherd our people to serve our communities with a strategy to weather economic uncertainty?

“In my humble opinion, we predicted a revolution in Church tithes and offerings, but we did not predict a virus would bring the revolution to our doorstep!” – Mark DeYmaz

Mark DeYmaz is a leader in the Multiethnic Church Movement. Mark planted the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas ( in 2001 where he continues to serve as Directional Leader. In 2004, he co-founded the Mosaix Global Network (, with Dr. George Yancey. In 2008, he launched Vine and Village ( a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on the spiritual, social, and financial transformation of Little Rock. In 2019, Mark launched an academic partnership with Wheaton College ( for students seeking to earn an M.A. in Ministry Leadership with an emphasis on establishing healthy multiethnic, economically diverse, and financially sustainable churches. Mark and his wife, Linda, have been married for thirty-two years and reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mark and Linda have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Mark DeYmaz, D.Min.
President, Mosaix Global Network • Little Rock, AR
(501) 912-2306   |   [email protected]   |   Amazon Author Page





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