Dream with Me! Multicultural 31 days of Prayer

Thank you EFCA Central Family for your prayer and partnership to communicate the Love of Christ to All People in our Central District!

Last Sunday night I had the great honor to preach on John 1:51 and Genesis 28 about 3rd Generation Immigrants. The picture on the right was one of our Zoom pics of the Telugu believers meeting from First Free in St Louis! I love preaching on Jacob from Genesis 28 because like Jacob I too am a 3rd Generation Immigrant. My grandparents left Poland in 1916 via Germany, but all of their Polish family ancestry records were burned in the migration. I was the first Wos to graduate from College and the first to earn a Master’s degree.  Jacob in Genesis 28 left home and was about 50 miles into a 500-mile journey when God met him with a dream of a ladder coming down. As John 1:51 communicates Jesus Christ is the mediator (Ladder) that came down to be our substitute as the Lamb of God on the Cross. We celebrate the resurrection hope of Revelation 7:9 that people from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation will cry out “Salvation belongs to the Lamb”.

Dream with me of what Rev. 7:9 will look like through your prayer and daily disciple-making here in our EFCA Central. Maybe the best investment you can make for eternity today is to pray for one hour for the nations! Dream with me how our EFCA Central churches can be on mission across the street and around the world by praying for all nations in our EFCA Central. Would you help our Acts 13 Multicultural team by letting us know of how we can pray with you for the nations in your community?

Mike Shields, our EFCA Central Superintendent, led us in an excellent EFCA Central Leadership conference on March 8-9. One of the highlights was our first speaker Ricky Jenkins from SouthWest EFCA Church in California.  Ricky spoke on John 15 and Jesus call to Abide in him. 11 times Jesus calls us in John 15 to as Ricky said ‘Come and sit in Daddy’s chair me and talk’. One very practical tool we gave out at the EFCA Leader Conference was our 31 days of Transforming Grace devotional that we want to make available to you and your church family to join us in prayer. Dream with me if our EFCA Central churches were to commit to praying for 31 days for All people in our communities.

Please click HERE FOR 31 Days of Transforming Grace among All People devotion.

Daily we are praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar and also Myanmar families here in our EFCA Central. As you hear the daily news reports on Myanmar would you simply stop and pray for Gospel transformation in Myanmar. For the last 4 years, our EFCA Central has been blessed to walk with our Burmese family in Christ. There are 25,000 immigrants from Myanmar living in our EFCA Central. If you would be interested to join a daily prayer team asking for Gospel Transformation in Myanmar please send a reply Myanmar to this Blog post.

Dream with me what a post covid marketplace can look like where the local church is making disciples Monday through Saturday. Our Center for Faith & Work just graduated another 12 leaders this month to mobilize disciple-makers through the local church. We heard 7 excellent community transformation projects from transportation companies to empowering 100 women immigrants through a sewing business. If you would be interested in starting a Faith & Work cohort to mobilize disciple-making in the marketplace send a reply F & W.


Thank you for your prayers for Pastor Andre and the Lovejoy Mission in Lovejoy Illinois. Lovejoy Illinois or Brooklyn was the first African American official city in America. The city was named after Elijah Lovejoy and the opportunity for Gospel Transformation is flourishing.  Pastor Andre is pictured in the center of the picture and asks for your prayer for this strategic mission. As some of you know Andre and his wife Lola have been walking a challenging road with Lola’s health. Lola was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January and for the last 2 months, she has been on Chemo treatment. Your prayer for Andre and Lola at this time is greatly appreciated! If you would be interested to pray or support the Lovejoy Mission please send a reply of Lovejoy to this blog.

Mission across the street and around the World can be as simple as a trip to Hidden Acres on August 13-15th this summer. Pastor Renato and his beautiful family pictured here will again be hosting our Latino Family Camp at Hidden Acres in 2021. Many of your churches may have canceled foreign mission trips in 2021.  The Latino Family camp will host 400 people from 10 states and provide a passion and vision for Gospel Transformation. If you are interested please reply Latino Family Camp to this blog.  Click Here to see the Brochure Latino Family  Camp Spanish

Ramadan starts today and is an excellent time to pray for your Muslim neighbors across the street and around the World. There are a number of resources on how to pray for your Muslim neighbor. Here is one resource link to help you to pray for your Muslim neighbor. Click here for 30 days of Prayer.

My wife Patty and I love to visit you and cast a vision for All People ministry across the street and around the world.  Last month we traveled to Colorado with our youngest son for his Senior Spring Break trip to snowboard the Rockies.  Dream with us as we pray for All People in our EFCA Central to know the Gentle and Quiet heart of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Imagine with us the church in 20 years moving toward Rev. 7:9 with people from every tongue, tribe, people, and Nation standing before the throne of the Lamb. The first step can be as simple as clicking on our 31 Days of Transforming Grace devotion and beginning to pray for All People in our EFCA Central.

Yours for All People,
Rev. Brad Wos
Multicultural Ministries Regional Director 
EFCA Central