Church & Lay Leader Resources

When You Need to Add or Replace Staff

One of the most challenging times for a church is during a pastoral transition or in determining what role a new staff member will be expected to fill. We’re here to help you not only have names and resumes to consider, but also to think through how to lead your church through a search that will end successfully. If you are without a lead pastor, we encourage you to contact the district superintendent, Calvin Swan, as your first step. You’ll find additional resources at our website, which, along with the superintendent, guides you through finding your next pastor or church staff member.

When Your Church is Having Serious Conflict

Our commitment to church health means having resources for you in time of trouble. While it would be pleasant to think that conflict will never come to “my church,” it does happen—often to very good people. Conflict can vary from being between church members, to between church staff, to a conflict between a pastor and a church member. A contact with Church Health Director Larry Austin or Superintendent Cal Swan will put you in touch with someone who truly cares about your church and ministry and can give you a sense of direction to help in time of conflict.

When You are Considering Expansion of Your Ministry or Adding Facility

When a church is considering purchasing land or building a new structure, we have a small but beneficial loan fund that can help with your purchase or remodeling of a first facility. The maximum loan is $25,000 but is completely interest-free if you agree to make repayment within five years—an incredible arrangement for any church with few resources. Over the past years we have helped churches ranging in size from less than 50 attendees to more than 400. Contact the superintendent with your questions.

When Your Church Seems to be Stuck Without Vision or Purpose

We have grown from less than 50 churches in 1990 to over 125 churches to date. That means our vision of multiplication has caught on and our churches are not only growing but are launching new baby churches. Yet there are times when a church can get stuck. Our director of Church Health, Larry Austin, is here to help you think through the issues that will allow you to experience the health God desires for you. Our vision of health is fairly simple. We are here to help you focus on making disciples, developing spiritual leaders, becoming missional, and negotiating the challenges and changes of ministry. Contact Larry Austin or go more in-depth with our church health resources.

When You are Considering the Long Term Health of Your Pastor

One of the most important benefits you can provide a pastor is to develop a sabbatical policy and to help your pastor develop a rhythm of Sabbath. We provide two encouragements in this area. We have a retreat lodge set aside for pastors at Rock River Retreat which is available for short term breaks for rest, study, and planning. The lodge is available to be used at no cost for your pastors. We also encourage you to create a plan where your pastor can have a longer break, approximately every five to seven years. We believe a planned time in which he is relieved from the pressures of everyday ministry will provide long term benefits for your church. This district has a grant program to encourage sabbaticals for full time staff pastors. Contact the Superintendent for information or to talk about how to set up a sabbatical policy.

When You Want to Get Involved in Ministry

We have places for you to volunteer in church planting, multi-ethnic ministry, camping, our volunteer builder program or in other ways. Contact one of our staff or ministries to get information on volunteering.

When You’re Not Sure Where to Turn

Sometimes the situations we face as a church leader are complex and we’re not even sure how to fully grasp the situation we are facing. Our superintendent, who has served in pastoral roles as an associate, a solo and then a senior pastor would be a good person to contact. He would love to talk with you, possibly provide immediate help, or connect you to the right staff member who can assist with your particular situation.

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