Church Planter Announced for Missouri and Arkansas

Todd Brooks HeadshotI am delighted to announce that Todd Brooks has been appointed by the Church Planting Board to the position of “Interim Church Planting Missionary” for Missouri/Arkansas, filling the place most recently held by Al Frank. Todd brings great experience to this position since he has already served in a number of important district and mission roles, including the successful ministry in his current church plant in St. Louis. He has the full blessing of his church as they release him part time to serves all of us in the southern region of the district.

At present this is a part time position and is also a missionary support raised position. We are encouraging every church in Missouri and Arkansas to continue to support or initiate new financial support this vital ministry that impacts the health and vitality of the southern region of our district. Here is the link to support Todd and Katie Brooks and the Church Planting ministry he has joyfully taken on.

We are excited to see how God will lead in the months to come during an important transition time in our district. If you like, please contact Todd at: [email protected] . I know he would love to hear from you.