Brad Wos Health Update 7-31-2019

Update from Brad:

Praise God my white blood cell continues to drop!

Today is my monthly treatment day at Barnes and my white blood cell count is down to 114k.

2 months ago my white blood cell count was 644k today it is 114k! Down 84%!

The Lord is Good and is answering your prayers!

Thank you!

Praise God for his Mercy is more than enough! My spleen was 28cm and today is now 19cm and normal is 15cm.

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement. Starting 3rd of 19 cycles. Please continue to pray for people of peace to disciple. I met Herb and Connie Schneider this morning who has myeloma and is 73 with only 2 months to live…life is a vapor. Praying for you that the power of the Holy Spirit will strengthen you to see Christ in all things…


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