Baby Boomer Research Needs Your Help!

Carl Greene is a PhD Candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the Intercultural Studies program who resides in South-Central Wisconsin near Janesville. His dissertation research is focused on two key areas: 1) rural ministry, 2) the gospel opportunity of “early old age”. First, he is examining ministry contexts outside of metropolitan areas, seeking to better establish the diversity that exists between rural settings, and how those differences impact ministry. Second, he is specifically looking at the missiological opportunity of churches to intentionally reach out to baby boomers during this spiritually sensitive phase of their lives as they enter “early old age”. Current research demonstrates that baby boomers may be a significant potential mission field during this time of their lives, but there has been limited conversation with baby boomers themselves who are coming to know Jesus during this phase of their lives. The “early old age” window may provide a significant missional opportunity specifically for rural churches.

In order to move Carl’s research forward, he is seeking a significant number of interviews in various rural contexts in the Midwest:

  1. Primarily, he is seeking baby boomers who have committed/recommitted their lives to Jesus Christ in the past 10 years who would potentially be willing to do an interview where they share their testimony.
  2. Secondarily, he is conducting interviews with pastors whose churches are specifically reaching out to baby boomers as they enter into “early old age”.

In order to conduct these interviews, Carl needs a network to work within.

If you are aware of baby boomers Carl can contact, pastors who can connect Carl to baby boomers, or pastors to directly interview, please contact Carl. Carl is very accessible by email, and can be contacted at [email protected].

Thank you for your time!
Carl Greene
PhD Candidate, ICS Program, Trinity International University

Program, Trinity International University