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Solid Rock Builders

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"Building our district one church at a time."

Solid Rock Builders consists of a network of volunteer builders that assists in planning and construction. Labor cost is signifi cantly reduced, allowing congregations to build facilities that otherwisecould not be built. New churches in the Central District are being added in great numbers and many need good, effective places to meet and minister to their community. The Central District is committed to finding resources to assist new and young, growing churches in building or remodeling facilities to meet their needs.

A modern, well-designed building can be a blessing to the congregation if it doesnʼt strain the budget. However, new and young congregations often struggle to find an effective place to meet for worship, youth group, and offices while desiring to be a permanent, relative organization in the village, town or city. The mission of the Solid Rock Builders of the Central District EFCA is to help congregations obtain a permanent meeting place. The ministry assists local congregations in the planning and construction of new buildings or remodeling existing buildings. A team of professional and skilled individuals will lead the church board, pastor, and leaders of the church in an organized manner through the completion of a successful project. This includes selecting styles of buildings, suggesting floor plans, selecting types of materials, suggesting licensed architects/engineers, scheduling construction, selecting construction managers, recruiting builders, and submitting plans for permits.

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Solid Rock does not assume any responsibility (implied or expressed) with regard to the design or construction of the facility, for problems that occur before, during and/or after the construction, or for any actions of team members and/or builders obtained from their active list of volunteers.